The Ministry of Equipment launches an information platform on water

The Ministry of Equipment launches an information platform on water

In his speech on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the 2nd legislative year of the 11th legislature, the King had called for the mobilization of all, ” government, institutions and citizens to face the challenges posed by the water situation in Morocco. This mobilization is underway and many achievements, projects and initiatives, at all levels and throughout the territory are engaged, said the Ministry of Equipment and Water.

Indeed, to strengthen the citizen’s right to information, the Ministry of Equipment and Water has just announced in a press release the launch of, an information platform, collaboration and participation on water in Morocco.

“Following the High Royal Instructions, will highlight the collective commitment of all water stakeholders in Morocco. We need to communicate on public and private, national, regional and local actions, allowing the proactive management of Morocco’s water situation to raise awareness among citizens of the efforts of all components of society in the face of this major challenge,” said Nizar. Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, quoted in the press release, presenting the platform.

In detail, it is a continuous information platform for citizens on the public and private actions that are implemented to guarantee the water supply of the populations.

It is also a collaborative platform between all water stakeholders (public, private and associations) allowing them to share information and communicate all their actions.

It is also a participatory platform allowing citizens, civil society, businesses and experts to propose projects and ideas related to the improvement of the water situation in the Kingdom, underlines the ministry.

In conclusion, Nizar Baraka clarified that “ is a free multimedia platform, open to all and which aims to be the reference information platform on water in Morocco “.


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