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The Ministry of Economy and Finance celebrates its women

The Ministry of Economy and Finance paid tribute during a ceremony organized on Friday at the Mohammed V Theater in Rabat, to its female civil servants on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah praised the efforts of all the officials of the Department of Economy and Finance, saying she was proud of their efforts to achieve all the major ministry projects.

The Minister also highlighted the achievements made by the Kingdom for the emancipation of Moroccan women in all areas, political, economic, social and cultural, in particular after the adoption of the 2011 Constitution, recalling the legal arsenal having strengthened the rights of Moroccan women.

Nadia Fettah also called for more efforts to promote the position of women, and strengthen their achievements in order to achieve equal opportunities in all areas.

For his part, the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, Fouzi Lekjaa, praised the quality of the work of the women civil servants of the ministry, highlighting their role in the implementation of the various projects, which reflects their creativity and capacity of adaptation with the various tasks of the ministry.

The Minister also underlined the need to reform the Family Code and the importance of its implementation, as well as the need for its adequacy with the Constitution and international conventions.

In this sense, Lekjaa noted that the Kingdom’s efforts in this area aim to strengthen the role of women in society for global development, which takes into consideration justice and equality between all members of society.

The ceremony was also marked by the awarding of “remarkable women” and “creative women” prizes to employees of the ministry in recognition of their effective contribution in the ministry, and their creativity in artistic creations.

In addition, the ministry celebrated, on this occasion, the qualification of the Atlas lionesses for the 2023 World Cup, as well as the historic achievement of the Atlas lions at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This ceremony was attended by the Representative of UN Women in Morocco, Leila Rhiwi, the national team coach Walid Regragui, as well as women executives from all departments of the ministry.



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