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the Minister of Health is continuing his meetings with the unions in the sector

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb held, on Friday in Rabat, meetings with trade union centers represented in the health sector, as part of a new round of social dialogue with trade union centers , with a view to the successful implementation of the royal health system reform project.

Thus, the minister received Halima Chouika, member of the national office of the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM), Abdelhamid Fathi, secretary general of the Democratic Federation of Labor (FDT) and Ali Lotfi, secretary general of the Organization Democratic Labor (ODT), as part of a series of meetings that began this week.

During the meeting, Khalid Ait Taleb reviewed the draft framework law relating to the national health system, approved during the Council of Ministers, chaired by King Mohammed VI, on Wednesday July 13, stressing that this text concretizes the royal will on the ground and will revolutionize the health sector in Morocco.

He pointed out that this project has a number of advantages for the benefit of citizens, and is based on a set of pillars, which range from governance to management at the regional level, through the development of human resources in the health and which will make it possible to overcome the problems of the sector.

Khalid Ait Taleb hailed, on this occasion, the important roles played by the trade union centers in order to guarantee the success of this royal project and improve the health conditions of workers at the service of citizens, expressing his confidence in their full involvement in the implementation effective implementation and with a unified vision of this important royal project.

For her part, Halima Chouika underlined that this meeting was an opportunity to attend the Minister’s presentation on draft framework law No. 06.22, noting that this law is part of the implementation of the guidelines royalties, fundamental revision of the health system and in line with draft framework law n° 09.21 relating to social protection.

In a statement to the press, Halima Chouika added that this meeting aims to work within a framework of cooperation and partnership between ministries and trade union centers for a rapid and safe implementation of this promising reform of the health system, to to which everyone aspires, displaying its ambition to “create a break with the previous situation and rehabilitate the health system”.

For his part, Ali Fathi indicated, in a similar statement, that the ODT has taken note of the framework law relating to the new approach to the health system, continuing that the Federation has expressed its involvement in this structuring project.

He added that this project will create a revolution in the health system, and several bills, decisions and decrees concerning the health system will result from it, whether at the territorial level or at the level of hospital infrastructures or at the level of human resources, which are the basis of the success of this project.

“During the meeting with the Minister of Health and Social Protection, we were informed of the content of the project relating to the reform of the health system in its human and social dimensions”indicated, meanwhile, Ali Lotfi, adding that the meeting was an opportunity to discuss the general perception of the reform of the health system.

And to add, that the minister mentioned during this meeting, the different dimensions and the general perception of the implementation of this royal project, because the health system now occupies a fundamental place in public policies, noting that the goal today, is to achieve and strengthen health sovereignty, in addition to encouraging national industrialization and enhancing the human resources working in the field of health.

This project will revolutionize the reform of the national health system within the framework of the implementation of the project relating to generalized social coverage and compulsory health insurance, he concluded.




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