The Metaverse could represent a market of more than 8,000 billion dollars by 2030 | MoroccoLatestNews French

The metaverse could represent a market of 8,000 to 13,000 billion dollars by 2030, let know the American investment bank Citigroup.

For its part, Goldman Sachs expects that a third of the global digital market could move to the metaverse, as more and more people carry out their transactions there.

Facebook made a big bet on the metaverse by bringing up this concept when adopting its new name, Meta, in 2021.

If Citigroup’s prediction comes to pass, the company could profit, but in the meantime, its metaverse division lost $13.72 billion in 2022.

The Metaverse is an Internet-based environment where people can interact and transact in a universe that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D immersion.

Web giants have invested billions of dollars to be the first to establish the foundations and rules of this new digital environment.


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