The Mediator of the Kingdom recommends the organization of a new examination of lawyers

The Mediator of the Kingdom recommends the organization of a new examination of lawyers

The institution of the Mediator of the Kingdom submitted a “special report” to the Head of Government on the subject of the debate raised during the last examination of aptitude for the exercise of the profession of lawyer, within the framework of the provisions of Law 14.16, which includes a series of proposals and recommendations, mainly the organization of a new examination meeting the same conditions as that of the session of December 4, 2022.

In this report representing the conclusions of the important mediation that it carried out on this subject, the Institution proposes that the announcement of the results and the delivery of the certificates of aptitude to the candidates having passed the new examination be made at the beginning of next October. to allow those who so wish to benefit with their peers from the provisions of article 11 of the law governing the legal profession with regard to the introduction of the application for inclusion on the list of trainee lawyers .

Also, the institution recommends that the Ministry of Justice meet the conditions favoring a local service that allows candidates whose conditions do not allow them to physically submit their application files to do so via the electronic filing method. .

Among the recommendations of the Institution, there is also the possibility of guaranteeing the consultation of the examination sheets for all candidates who request it, as well as the implementation of exceptional solutions for candidates who no longer fulfill the conditions required during the previous examination such as the age criterion or others.

The report also proposes to surround the new examination with all the guarantees likely to reassure candidates, while taking into account the results of the new examination in future visions and management policies.

The Institution of the Mediator of the Kingdom also recommends taking into consideration the various proposals contained in this report according to a very precise timetable, allowing the possibility of delivery of the certificates of aptitude at the beginning of next October, noting the clear commitment and the great interaction showed the Ministry of Justice throughout the treatment of this file.

After indicating that this mediation is part of a public service relationship based on trust and good faith, the Institution welcomed the great, positive and responsible interaction that marked the meetings held with the Head of Government , the Minister of Justice and the president and members of the office of the association of bar associations in Morocco as well as with all the parties concerned who expressed their points of view concerning the various aspects of the case.


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