The King’s Speech lays the foundations of the Morocco of tomorrow

The Speech delivered by King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Feast of the Throne sets the economic and social priorities for the construction of the Morocco of tomorrow, a Morocco “advanced and strong in its dignity”, according to the President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Chakib Alj.

The issue of promoting women’s rights and strengthening their place in society is a major one, stressed Chakib Alj, adding that the emancipation and empowerment of Moroccan women, particularly through entrepreneurship, is a fundamental lever for development.

And to add that the CGEM is committed and works continuously to put in place mechanisms to encourage female entrepreneurship and to enshrine parity in all sectors and fields of activity.

With regard to the social protection project, Chakib Alj reiterates the full mobilization of the Confederation for the success of this essential project launched under the impetus of the King in favor of the preservation of the well-being and the dignity of our fellow citizens. .

The private sector is ready to invest, particularly within the framework of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), to strengthen the network of local hospitals, train a new generation of paramedical personnel and accelerate the digitization of the system. health, he said.

Moreover, in accordance with the King’s call to offer more facilities to investors, he said he was delighted with the progress made on framework law No. 03-22 forming the Investment Charter, adopted by the Council of Ministers under High Instructions of the King.

This new charter, long awaited by business leaders, will bring a strong dynamic to private investment in our country, whether national or foreign, with a view to achieving the objectives set by the New Development Model, said Chakib Alj.

The new text also provides for additional concrete measures in favor of a better attractiveness of the business environment in Morocco, by acting on levers of competitiveness such as land, energy, access to public procurement, setting up a training offer adapted to the needs or even the simplification of administrative procedures, he explained.

“We are awaiting the promulgation of the various regulatory texts of this charter, which will allow rapid and effective implementation of its provisions”he said, assuring that the CGEM, through its sectoral Federations and the CGEM Regions, remains of course fully committed to contributing to the success of this royal project.

“We are convinced and believe very strongly in the potential of our country and in the opportunities it offers to investors”he concluded.



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