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The Kingdom’s gold reserves have remained stable for two years

The world’s official gold reserves had fallen by 21.5 t last November according to the recent publication of the month of January 2022 of “World Gold Council“, but for the 2021 financial year they increased 11 tons, compared to December 2021

The report also ranks Morocco in twelfth place in terms of its gold reserve in the Arab world. Our country in this area, with the same figure (22.1 tonnes of gold) in its reserves since January 2019, oscillates in the ranking year after year between eleventh and twelfth place. Continentally, the Kingdom is in the top 60 globally.

It is Saudi Arabia that boasts leadership for Arab countries with gold reserves of around 323.1 tonnes. Globally, the United States leads in terms of gold reserves, with 8,133.5 tons ahead of Germany with 3,359.1 tons, Italy with 2,451.8 tons, from France 2,436.4 tons and from Russia (2,298.5 tons). In Africa, Algeria dominates with 174 tonnes ahead of South Africa with 125 tonnes of precious metal.

Gold demand for the full year of 2021 increased to 4,021t, propelled by fourth quarter demand which jumped nearly 50%. Demand for gold in the consumer-oriented jewelry and technology sectors recovered throughout the year, in line with growth.

Jewelery manufacturing saw a strong recovery in 2021. It grew by 67% to 2,221t and responded to the strong rebound in consumer demand for jewellery, which grew by 52% in 2021. Jewelery growth has been almost universal with mention for India and China. While Gold used in technology increased by 9% in 2021, reaching a three-year high of 330t.

Investments in bullion and coins maintained momentum, jumping 31% to an eight-year high of 1,180t. Central banks accumulated 463 tonnes of gold in 2021, 82% more than the 2020 total and pushing global reserves to a nearly 30-year high. The price of gold in US dollars has fallen by around 4% in 2021.




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