The King calls for the consolidation of national solidarity mechanisms

King Mohammed VI called for the consolidation of national solidarity mechanisms and a determined and responsible fight against speculation and price manipulation.

In his address to the Nation on the occasion of the Feast of the Throne, the Sovereign considered that the greatest danger for the development of the country and for the promotion of investments resides in the obstacles erected on purpose by some to preserve their own interests and personal gain.

“These acts must be combated,” he said.

The Sovereign recalled, on this occasion, that the concerted efforts of the State and the public and private sectors have enabled the national economy to withstand crises and upheavals and thus achieve conclusive results in the various production sectors. .

However, he continued, this improvement was short-lived due to the international situation, noting that in addition to a modest agricultural campaign, exogenous factors led to a surge in the prices of certain basic necessities, “a problem which no country has escaped”.

“Aware of the repercussions of this situation on the living conditions of many groups of citizens, we have launched a national program to mitigate the impact of the drought on farmers and on the rural population”, indicated the Sovereign.

“We have also directed the government to allocate significant credits to the subsidy of certain basic products and to ensure the supply of the markets with these products”, added the King, considering that “it is very little compared to what Moroccans really deserve”.

In this context, the budget allocated in 2022 to the Compensation Fund has been doubled, thus exceeding 32 billion dirhams, recalled the Sovereign, noting that “despite a fluctuating international situation, we must nevertheless remain optimistic and focus on our strengths.

It is important to make “the best use of the opportunities and prospects opened up by these changes to attract more investment, stimulate exports, promote the national product”, he further pointed out, committing in this regard “the government as well as the political and economic spheres to offer more facilities to foreign investments which, in this international situation, choose our country, eliminating any obstacle they may encounter”.



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