The Jidar Festival returns for a 6th edition

After a blank year due to the coronavirus, the Jidar Festival is resuming its rights. The flagship street art event in Rabat returns for a 6th edition, scheduled from September 16 to 26, 2021, the organizers announced.

As with every season, Jidar invites a host of national and international street artists. This year, the Festival has 20 artists representing 6 different countries, in the heart of the capital, “Not only to enhance its shine, but also to tell our world through creations struck at the corner of contemporary common sense”, specifies the organizers.

The event is not confined to the limits of wall frescoes, it also includes meetings with a handful of invited artists to encourage sharing, promote exchange and transmission and encourage reflection on the place of art in public space.

In this sense, the Jidar festival is associated with cultural institutions such as the Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as art spaces such as the art gallery Le Cube Independent Art Room and the association of Art Louane.

This new edition is also an opportunity for Jidar to have a new look, by changing its logo and transforming the name: “Jidar, street paintings” into “Jidar – Rabat Street Art Festival”.

What is more, the festival is taking advantage of this edition to launch an improved version of its mobile application, which not only allows the user to transport the user to the 9 locations chosen this year, but also to discover the frescoes produced during the last five editions.



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