The Jazzablanca festival promises to immerse the public in a unique universe

The Jazzablanca festival promises to immerse the public in a unique universe

The 16th edition of Jazzablanca, scheduled for June 22 to 24 in the economic metropolis of the Kingdom, promises to immerse the public in a unique universe, where the magic of music reigns supreme.

Three days before its launch, Jazzablanca is preparing to thrill the city with its incomparable music and atmosphere, say the organizers, noting that the festival thus brings a great musical offer to brighten up the beginning of summer in Casablanca.

At Anfa Park (paying concerts), as at the Place des Nations Unies (free concerts), the 16th edition is experiencing unprecedented enthusiasm.

According to the organizers, Jazzablanca and the BMCI Foundation, committed to Moroccan youth and united by common values, work every year to promote and highlight national talents, recalling that since 2014, Jazzablanca has offered free programming at the Place des United Nations.

Free to access, the BMCI stage embodies the urban and inclusive dimension of a festival deeply attached to its city, which aims to be accessible to all.

For 2023, and following the call for projects launched at the beginning of the year, the BMCI stage will welcome 6 Moroccan groups, whose registers and musical sensibilities give pride of place to music from the South.

These musicians will take the audience on a journey to rhythms that are both ancestral and resolutely modern, reflecting the richness and cultural diversity of Morocco today.

From Thursday to Saturday at the Place des Nations-Unies, the public will have the opportunity to discover Izouran N-Sahara, a true echo of the desert, Sound of Mint, an electrifying duo, Khmissa, an explosive mix of rock and Gnaoua rhythms, Tarwra N -Tiniri, passionate about Amazigh poetry, Badil, a group of fusion of Saharan vibrations and psychedelic rock, and Jubantouja, an enchanting fresco of Indie Folk and Pop Rock.

Izouran N-Sahara, from the M’hamid Elghizlan oasis, will captivate the public with his authenticity by performing the album “Tinsant”, an ode to the musical richness of the desert, while Sound of Mint, a duo formed by Fadel Lahlou and Joël Pellegrini, will offer a mystical mix of electro music and African instruments.

Still in place of the United Nations, Khmissa, winner of the L’Boulevard springboard in the fusion music category, will offer a concert combining rock and gnaoua and will perform its latest EP, “Bouchachia”, just released last January. Tarwa N-Tiniri, who is also in the game, will gratify the public with her love of Amazigh poetry, and her unprecedented fusion between the blues and the traditional songs of South-East Morocco.

Badil, a group from Casablanca, merges Saharan vibrations and psychedelic alternative rock and the Jubantouja group, which is gradually conquering the Moroccan music scene with its talent and originality, promise the public a bewitching evening.


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