the investment budget of nearly MAD 15.5 billion in 2022

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, indicated on Monday in Rabat that the estimated investment budget allocated to his department for the 2022 financial year s ‘amounts to nearly 15.5 billion dirhams (MMDH), up 7% compared to 2021.

This budget is spread over the departments of Agriculture (11.034 billion dirhams), rural development (2.689 billion dirhams), water and forests (1.544 billion dirhams) and sea fishing with 221 million dirhams (billion dirhams), said Mohamed Sadiki. which presented the ministry’s sectoral budget project for the 2022 fiscal year at a meeting of the Committee on Productive Sectors in the House of Representatives. For the Department of Agriculture, the investment will focus on irrigation and the development of agricultural land (4.4 billion dirhams), the development of agricultural production sectors (5.5 billion dirhams), health security ( 640 MDH), education, training and research (348 MDH) and support and versatile services (90 MDH).

Regarding rural development, the investment budget will be devoted to programs aimed at reducing social and spatial disparities in the rural world (2.15 billion dirhams) and ensuring the opening up and inclusive development of rural and mountain areas (539 million dirhams). ).

With regard to water and forests, the investment will focus on programs for the protection and security of the forest estate (316 MDH), forest management and development (771 MDH), the fight against desertification and the protection of the forest. nature (331 MDH), as well as a transversal program to support the interventions of the department (126 MDH).

Regarding maritime fishing, the investment budget will be allocated to fisheries and aquaculture development programs and resource development (MAD 175 million), qualification, socio-professional promotion and the safety of seafarers. (23 million dirhams) and management and governance (24 million dirhams).

In addition, Mohamed Sadiki indicated that the operating budget should increase by 3% to more than 4.1 billion dirhams (2.84 billion dirhams for Agriculture, 60 million dirhams for rural development, 700 million dirhams for water and forests and 509 MDH for sea fishing).

Thus, the overall budget of the ministry would stand at nearly MAD 19.6 billion, up 6% compared to fiscal year 2021.

This meeting was also an opportunity for the Minister to review the positive impacts of the Green Morocco Plan (PMV) 2008-2020 on the national economy, to highlight the fundamental pillars of the “Green Generation 2020-2030” strategies. and “Forests of Morocco 2020-2030”, as well as recalling the achievements of 2021 in the development of rural space and mountain areas, and the Halieutis strategy.



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