The increasing risk with this heat calls for more precautions

The increasing risk with this heat calls for more precautions

Over the past few weeks, several incidents of mobile phone charger explosions have been reported in different cities across the Kingdom. These explosions are due to the heat which puts the batteries under intense pressure, which requires taking precautions to avoid the harmful consequences of these incidents.

The main cause of these accidents is the proliferation of counterfeit chargers, although their presence in the Moroccan market has diminished thanks to strict surveillance at border crossings. Unfortunately, they can still be found almost everywhere, especially in small neighborhood merchants.

Some individuals also purchase chargers that are unsuitable for their mobile phones, which increases the risk of battery explosion, especially when using the phone while charging. It is therefore imperative to avoid this behavior on a daily basis.

The issue of chargers not complying with safety standards is still causing debate on social networks, where cheap counterfeit devices are imported and do not benefit from the “Salamtna” label, which fights against counterfeit products.

During the summer, the number of fatal accidents caused by exploding phone chargers increases, especially when the phone is exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and due to the impact of high temperatures on the battery.

Four years ago, the Ministry of Industry and Trade launched a national campaign to check the conformity of mobile phone chargers and batteries available on the local market, to ensure that they meet the standards. quality. This campaign was conducted in coordination with the departments of the Ministry of the Interior responsible for this issue.

However, despite these efforts, the campaign failed to eliminate cheap and counterfeit chargers from stores, especially from credit sellers. This led to the regulation of the sale of these products, limiting their availability to legally licensed stores in the area of ​​modern technology.

Tarik El Bakhti, president of the Moroccan Consumer Forum, confirmed that cheap phone chargers are responsible for many fatal accidents, due to the absence, most of the time, of a consumption culture among customers.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthis activist pointed out that despite all the measures taken, counterfeit chargers are still present on the Moroccan market, which requires a strengthening of controls on the importers of these products.

The president of the Moroccan Consumer Forum also warned that families bear some responsibility, as it is essential to avoid leaving phones connected to chargers for long periods of time, before recommending that consumers buy only genuine products. and keep the phone in the shade away from excessive heat during those summer days.


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