the increase in the SMIG requires 191 million DH per year

The increase in the minimum wage (SMIG) for civil servants of the State and public establishments of an administrative nature requires an envelope of 191 million dirhams in favor of 50,000 beneficiaries, underlined Saturday the Minister of Economic Inclusion, small business, employment and skills, Younes Sekkouri.

This upward revision of the minimum wage in the public sector to reach a net amount of 3,500 dirhams aims to improve the material situation of civil servants classified in the lower scales, he added in a speech on the occasion of the workers’ day. , noting that this measure is to come into force on 1 September 2022.

Similarly, scale 7 will be abolished for civil servants in the body of administrative assistants and technical assistants, an approach which represents a mechanism for improving their professional situation, he continued.

This measure, he said, will come into force from January 1, 2023 at an annual cost of 18 million dirhams in favor of 3,861 beneficiaries.

The Minister also mentioned the increase of the promotion quota in the grade from 33% to 36%, stressing that such a decision which paves the way for greater professional promotion of civil servants will come into force in January. next, at an annual cost of 231 million DH.

Added to this is the increase in family allowances for the fourth, fifth and sixth children to reach 100 DH per month. The financial cost of this measure will be 25 million DH for a total of 32,495 beneficiary children.

He also mentioned the creation of a Foundation for the promotion of social works of civil servants and agents of public administrations who do not have one.

In addition, Younes Sekkouri indicated that the situation of certain categories of civil servants in the education sector will be regularized, including educational administrators, guidance and educational planning advisers, primary and college teachers. , outside their initial cycle. The financial impact of this measure will be approximately 460 million DH for the year 2022, he specified.

With regard to the reform of public schools, he emphasized the development of the teaching profession by the establishment of a new unified system for the promotion of human resources, the cost of which is will rise to nearly 6.65 billion DH for the next five years.

Regarding the measures relating to health officials, Younes Sekkouri indicated that the situation of doctors will be improved with a financial impact of nearly 1340 million DH (net monthly increase of 3400 DH).

The rate of promotion of nurses will also be accelerated through major measures from January 2023 with retroactive effect from October 26, 2017. The financial cost of this measure will be 807 million dirhams, in addition to the allocation of amounts reserved for the promotion of civil servants for the years 2020 and 2021 (8 billion DH).

The Minister also emphasized the decision to increase the allowance for professional risks for the benefit of professional and technical executives for a value of 1400 DH per month, up to the amount of the allowance allocated to nurses and technicians of health. This measure will entail a financial cost of approximately 60 million DH.



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