The immutability of the mentality of Moroccans deciphered by an expert

The immutability of the mentality of Moroccans deciphered by an expert

The mentality of Moroccans according to an analysis by Dr Jaouad Mabrouki, psychiatrist and expert in psychoanalysis of Moroccan society should not change for at least two centuries.

The expert tells us in an analysis entitled “ The Moroccan mentality will not change for 227 years» a few observations that reflect a rational judgment and vision and that are based on his professional experience. Indeed, says the Doctor Jaouad Mabrouki, “tothrough my professional experience and my analysis of Moroccan society, I note that the mentality of the Moroccan of 2023 is identical to that of past generations“. And to see,an evolution in several fields, technological, scientific, housing, architecture as well as in wild and greedy consumption“.

According to Dr. Mabrouki, we can see brilliantly on social networks and media platforms that “Ihe Moroccan sells an image of well-being, happiness and knowing how to live well. Browsing through social networks, attending seminars and conferences, watching TV shows or listening to the radio and reading the press, we get the impression that we are in an open-minded society”.

Unfortunately for the expert these are only watered down images, because the reality is youresentment. And develop in two points this “who has shaped the Moroccan brain by holding the mentality prisoner and sclerotic for centuries, without it being able to evolve one iota“, the school system and religious force-feeding in this case.

As for the school system in Morocco, Dr. Mabrouki does not beat around the bush.he always considers the child as an empty reservoir to be filled with toxic knowledge for his development and personal fulfillment”. Teaching according to the expertdoes not instill in the student the rule of questioning and criticism. The teacher is also incapable of questioning himself, because he comes from the same system. We thus establish a dynamic of submission from the weak (the student) to the strongest (the teacher). We teach our students to obey blindly“.

As for religious Gavage and without designating any particular religion, “knowing that we find Moroccan Muslims, Jews, Christians, Baha’is or others. Clearly, I am not talking about religion as a strictly individual choice, but rather as a product of collective consumption. In other words, how “religion-product” saturates the Moroccan brain“.

For the expert “religion inspired the school system which could in no way be in opposition to it, based in this on the dynamics of total obedience”, he writes in his analysis. And to support his words or writings “Blindly obeying God is the foundation of the school and parenting system. Religion cannot tolerate the questioning of belief, religious laws, religious leaders, or even the existence of God, heaven and hell. Religion has made itself a science above all sciences, leaving no room for criticism and questioning“.

And to conclude that this is the reason why religion is the ideal instrument to silence any enlightened and evolving mind. “It is these two black points that form the major obstacle to changing the Moroccan mentality, which is expressed in the refusal of equality between men and women, individual freedom, freedom of the body and obviously that of the expression“. Religion standardizes thought, he will say in the end.Either you obey and you are one of us, or you think differently and you are then an enemy“. And to want proof that “the persecution of religions in several regions of the world, by the authorities, which is indisputable proof of this“. Doctor Jaouad Mabrouki will end his missive as follows:as usual, I do not propose any solution, because the latter must come in an adapted and coherent way from each of us“.


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