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The hidden reasons for the visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Mauritania

The Tehran-Algiers-Tindouf (polisario) axis was confirmed with a new unexpected input, Mauritania. An alliance with the southern neighbor is desired, Iran no longer hiding its hegemonic ambitions in North Africa and the Sahel by using the Sahara.

Iranian Foreign Minister Houcein Emir Abdoullahyane met with President Mohamed Cheikh Ould El Ghazouani on Wednesday evening to discuss ways to strengthen relations between the two countries at the commercial level and in the fight against terrorism.

The godfather of global terrorism is indeed seeking to cultivate its relations with Mauritania to establish its hegemony in the North African region and connect it to West Africa.

Nouakchott, which has long feared the influence of Tehran in its territory, has nevertheless come up against the advance of Iranian Shiite dogma. Iran’s formidable weapon for weaving its web, Shi’ism is the substance and the basis of its strategy of expansion on the spiritual, cultural and political levels.

Mauritania’s sloppiness officially materialized in the reception of the head of Iranian diplomacy by the Mauritanian president when he could have been received by his counterpart in Foreign Affairs. The two parties even discussed the Sahara when officially the visit was only to focus on commercial aspects between Nouakchott and Tehran, and the Mauritanian information agency (AMI) voluntarily concealed this passage.

But the Mauritanian press revealed the declaration of the Iranian minister which leaves no doubt about the interests of Iran in the region.

I thank the Mauritanian President for his constructive and valuable efforts in pursuing the counter-terrorism initiative and promoting lasting peace and security in Western Sahara. This issue is given special attention by the Islamic Republic of Iran.said Houceïn Emir Abdoullahyane, quoted by the Mauritanian news site Anbaainfo as well as other media.

Iran’s destabilizing aims in North Africa and the Sahel and its growing interest in fueling separatism against the territorial integrity of Morocco, by training Polisario elements in the Lebanese Hezbollah (financed by Iran) and its military equipment, led Morocco to suspend diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2018.

Iran has also delivered Iranian-made drones to the Polisario through Algeria. Tehran has also never hidden its links with the Polisario since it recognizes the self-proclaimed “RASD” of the Polisario since 1980 without the international community recognizing it.

In a context of French withdrawal from Africa, Iran – which has always inseminated its influence on the continent as a counter-power to Westerners and Sunni Arab countries – has found fertile ground for its incursions into the region, in particular by seeking a new ally with Mauritania after having already sealed its partnership with Algeria and indirectly Tunisia.

By adding Mauritania to its list, Iran would have a spectacular opportunity to redraw its political map by signing the axis of evil in North Africa and the Sahel, exploiting Algiers’ animosity towards Morocco, fear transformed in the gray zone of Mauritania and the political and economic weakness of Tunisia.

It should be noted that the motivations and interplay of interests of Iran go beyond Morocco, and directly compete with the alliance between Morocco, the United States and Israel, aim to fill the big hole left by the France in Africa and to jostle with other powers.

In North Africa and the Sahel in particular, the Iranian plan aims to deconstruct regional stability and the stable relations of neighboring countries, to recreate a burning and weak Middle East controlled by the mullahs.

Before coming to Mauritania, on board an Algerian plane, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, had made similar visits to several countries in the Sahel, including Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger.



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