The Hiba Foundation launches the first edition of its comic strip Khaliya9 at HIBA_Lab

Comics is a genre that is still not very widespread in Morocco despite the presence of a dedicated artistic community, appropriate training and growing interest among the general public.

It is within this framework that the Hiba Foundation organized an artistic residency around the ninth art with the aim of creating a dynamic around comics, encouraging national production and promoting artists, says the Foundation.

Eight cartoonists, selected across Morocco, gathered around five weekends and benefited from the precious supervision of Aziz Oumoussa, professor at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, and Mehdi Yassire, alias Koman, actor, screenwriter and writer. Together, they have developed a comic book album which addresses the theme of the street in Morocco and which they have collectively chosen to name “Khaliya9”.

Through the “XPO FMR – Khaliya 9” exhibition, the Hiba Foundation invites its public to discover the product of this residency and to dive into the artistic universe of each cartoonist. An opportunity to discover the original boards of each artist, thus allowing a real immersion in the creative process of the artist and the discovery of his technique and the influences of his experience and his artistic career.

Through the stories told on the boards, the exhibition invites the public to appreciate all the angles and perspectives approached by the cartoonists to treat the theme of the street: the street as a dynamic body, the street as a witness of time. passing, the street as a place of learning, or the street as a true personification of Moroccan society.

After the success of its last two experiences, “In Situ” in 2015 and “XPO FMR – Hors Cadre” in 2019, the Foundation is back with a new artistic exhibition, “XPO FMR – Khaliya 9” in order to highlight this new generation. Moroccan cartoonists, fervent defenders of the art they represent: the Comic Strip.

The exhibition is intended to be a space for exchange and discovery, accessible to all: the general public, art and comic book amateurs and experts.



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