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the HCP calls on companies to subscribe to the digital platform

As part of its digital transformation program, the High Commission for Planning (HCP) reiterated its call for companies to subscribe to the digital platform for exchanging information on the national economic situation.

This remote statistical data collection platform for business tendency surveys, set up in the third quarter of 2021, will use the “internet” channel and will provide companies with online forms which will thus replace the old “ paper, ”says a press release from the HCP. This new device will save time, continuous interactivity with companies and will at the same time respond to the constraints of sanitary distancing, underlines the press release.

In addition, the platform put in place is equipped with effective security mechanisms to guarantee the confidentiality of the data collected. Launched last July, the collection operation via this mode limited to a restricted scope has now been extended to the entire sample of industrial companies, subject of the quarterly business surveys, adds the HCP, noting that it will be subsequently extended to companies in the service, trade and construction sectors sampled as part of this survey.

The generalization of this system to all business surveys, as provided for by the HCP’s digitization program, will depend on the rate at which businesses adopt this new mode. It is brought to the benevolent attention of companies that a video capsule explaining all the terms of this operation is posted on the official HCP website, in order to guide them in the use of this new platform and facilitate the switch to this new mode of collection.




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