The hand of Algeria behind the instability and the demonstrations against Macky Sall?

The hand of Algeria behind the instability and the demonstrations against Macky Sall?

Calls for the resignation of Senegalese President Macky Sall curiously began in France, during demonstrations by the Senegalese community established in the country. In front of the demonstrators were posters bearing three flags: that of France, Algeria and the Polisario separatist group created by Algiers to divide Morocco. Did Algeria plot to destabilize Senegal? And what relationship with Morocco?

Moroccan political scientist Tarik Hajjab, questioned in a video published on Youtube, the relationship of Algeria and the Polisario with these demonstrations, and their role in the political crisis that Senegal is currently going through.

Several of the demonstrations, organized in France, supporting the opponent Ousmane Sonkho and calling for the resignation of the current Senegalese president, featured Algerian flags, as well as that of the separatist militia of the Polisario, as well as messages bearing the message “Sahara free”.

Curiously, the wave of demonstrations and protests in Senegal began in France, outside Senegal, while logic dictates that a crisis is internal and then exported to communities residing abroad.

“It means that there is a hidden and external part,” said Professor Hajjab.

The expert continued by indicating that people of foreign nationalities had infiltrated these marches against Macky Sall, noting the presence of white people and therefore non-Senegalese.

The infiltration of Algerians in these marches to challenge power in Senegal could therefore be easily seen through their faces, their flag, as well as the presence of pro-polisario slogans and the separatist flag, which are another element proving the presence of the Algerian hand in the orchestration of these demonstrations against Macky Sall.

“The question of Senegal is used to serve an external agenda, that of the Algerian generals”, noted Tarik Hajjab, stressing that these same people of Algerian nationality had infiltrated the demonstrations in Sudan. “Every time there are disturbances and instabilities we find these people,” he noted, stressing that they are certainly members of the Algerian intelligence services.

The reason explaining the massive presence of Algerians in the demonstrations in France relates to an agenda of Algerian diplomacy aimed at thwarting Morocco and the advancement of the defense of its territorial integrity, even if it means starting a war in a stable country. and independent. Senegal has always been a friend of Morocco, and a defender of the Moroccanness of the Sahara and the policy of Macky Sall goes in the continuity of this position of State of Senegal.

Tarik Hajjab explained that these infiltrations of the Algerian secret services can lead to serious diplomatic crises since it is about foreign interference in the internal affairs of the countries. “It’s a purely Senegalese affair and no one has the right to interfere in it”, added the expert.

“These people (the Algerians, editor’s note) are ready to sacrifice the prosperity of a people and the stability of a State, in this case Senegal, and to destroy an entire country to make it a place of instability and murderous violence, only to oppose Morocco in the Sahara issue”, lamented the political scientist.


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