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The HADAF association inaugurates its solidarity guest house Dar Diaf

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on December 3 of each year, HADAF, association of parents and friends of people with mental disabilities, inaugurated its solidarity guest house Dar Diaf on Wednesday.

The result of a partnership with the OCP Foundation, the project to upgrade, develop and sustain the Dar Diaf reception center is part of the association’s overall strategy, aimed at developing income-generating activities income through socio-educational projects and to raise awareness of the importance of the socio-professional inclusion of people with mental disabilities.

Restored, with the support and guidance of the OCP Foundation, exclusive partner in the realization of this project, Dar Diaf, is a sumptuous guest house created by the association in 2005 and located within the premises of the Center HADAF socio-professional. It consists of 8 rooms that can accommodate up to 17 people in a calm and pleasant setting. Ideal for occasional stays, Dar Diaf offers its guests several practical amenities that can guarantee comfort and tranquility, in the heart of the Moroccan capital.

Dar Diaf is now a place of accommodation, internship, socialization and empowerment of young people with mental disabilities who are beneficiaries of the HADAF Socio-professional Center. A true showcase of the know-how of the Centre’s young apprentices, Dar Diaf proudly exhibits their furniture, paintings and artistic works. More than an income-generating activity, Dar Diaf is an opportunity for young apprentices to share their skills in real situations.

Amina Msefer, president of the association, explains to us: ” The creation and development of these income-generating activities (IGA) are the logical continuation of our approach towards the social and professional inclusion of our young apprentices Our main objective is the integration of young people with mental disabilities into the ordinary working environment or in a protected environment within our establishment. These projects can only succeed today or achieve their objectives with the participation and support of partners and the participation of the entire environment, including public and private institutions, professionals, foundations, supervisors and of course young people. and their families. And this fruitful partnership with the OCP Foundation is irrefutable proof of this”.

This project is indeed intended to support the overall objective that the association has always set itself, namely the promotion of the social and professional integration of people with mental disabilities, and this, through access to an appropriate vocational training structure. The association also prepares young people through creative, productive and socialization activities, moving towards the empowerment of people with mental disabilities by giving them the means to succeed in their inclusion.

“At the OCP Foundation, we are fundamentally convinced that the future of Morocco and of the entire continent is based on its youth. This is why it is important for us to facilitate the accessibility of quality training for all, taking into consideration the component of diversity in order to reduce disparities and strengthen equal opportunities. This project, which affects 85 young people with mental disabilities aged 17 and over, was for us a concrete example of an IGA system that strengthens their skills, promotes their autonomy and facilitates their social integration and professional integration to help them cope the discrimination they often face says Imane El Bakkali of the OCP Foundation.

Having at heart the sustainability of these income-generating activities, HADAF has upgraded all its reception structures such as the ” HADAF Solidarity Restaurant “, the ” Catering service “, the ” Conference room ” as well as other projects of ancillary activities such as the ” Room Service “.

Occasionally used as a space for living, fulfilling and socializing by the young people of the Centre, Dar Diaf enables them to learn about community life, thus offering them the autonomy necessary for their inclusion.



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