The GS Berrada proud of the national note at the Bac of Lahroussi Zaid

A score of 19.44 out of 20 was the best average for the June 2022 Baccalaureate, awarded during the past school year at the national level. It was obtained by Lahroussi Zaid student at Groupe Scolaire Berrada d’Aïn Chock in Casablanca, under the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Casablanca-Settat region.

Zouhair Berrada, head of the Groupe Scolaire school of the same name, who received Lahroussi Zaid’s diploma at the Wilaya of Casablanca on his behalf, said he was proud to be its director. Lahroussi honored with dignity his family, his establishment, his teachers and himself.

This exceptional bachelor has inscribed his Institution in the list of the best schools and AREF in the Kingdom in gold letters, thus defining his success: “It’s a pride not only for me, but also for my family and all those who helped me achieve this goalby praising his Groupe scolaire Berrada where, for 6 years, he gradually cut his teeth to become this intellectual ogre with a more than certain future.

The young man thanked his family, his teachers, the management of his school group and all those who supported him in achieving this goal even if, o sign of modesty and humility, all the merit goes to him, in view of the enormous efforts made. That said, given the result, success will remain conjugated to all. For the time being, the best bachelor in Morocco has still not decided on his university studies. But given the situation, all avenues are now open to him, although he hesitates between studying medicine, engineering or agricultural sciences.

His father, Hicham Lahroussi, like his family and those around him, is proud. Also, it is naturally that he pointed out that “it is the culmination of tremendous effort, diligence and diligence over the past few years. This achievement is the concretization of the quality of education in Morocco, both public and private.noting that although her son was educated at a private educational institution, “he also benefited from the experience of educational managers who belong to public education, which made him the best student in the baccalaureate this year“.

The Berrada Institution, which has accompanied it throughout these twelve years, has a lot to do with this success. Indeed, the Groupe scolaire Berrada, founded in 1980, has the principles of respect, family and success as its virtues and its only ambition is to provide its students with the best possible education so that they are high quality. Excellence and perfectionism are encouraged in all cycles and levels of training in order to put the learner in the best conditions to face the future.

To do this, the Berrada Group relies on innovative educational strategies and proven teaching methods. Students acquire the values ​​of citizenship and good citizenship that allow them to participate in public and private affairs. The teaching of foreign languages ​​with openness to universal culture is not to be outdone, they reinforce their knowledge by improving their skills. At GS Berrada, sports activities, physical education and extracurricular activities are also promoted. The mobilization of the human resources and the infrastructures necessary for the systematic optimization of the quality of the training provided to the students is permanent.



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