HomeCultureThe great singer Mohamed El-Ghaoui bows out

The great singer Mohamed El-Ghaoui bows out

The great singer Mohamed El Ghaoui bows out

The famous singer Mohamed El Ghaoui died Saturday in Rabat at the age of 67, following complications from a cerebral hemorrhage, we learned from his family. Born in Salé in 1956, the deceased was one of the pioneers of Moroccan song, with a rich repertoire of nearly 80 songs with melodies drawn from the rhythms of Moroccan folklore.

Winner of the Mawahib (Talents) school, Mohamed El Ghaoui was artistically adopted by the late Abdenbi El-Jirari and joined the group (Ajyal) early, combining singing and theatre. The song “Lghorba o Lâachq Lgadi”, interpreted with mastery, was to announce his promising beginnings of a long exceptional career.

The deceased participated in many epics, including the one in three parts written by the artist Mohamed Hassan Al-Joundy and presented at the Cairo Opera (Malhamat al-Ahd). He was also known for his acting roles in the series “Radia”, “Hand in Hand”, “Life goes on” and “Aswat Al-Madina”.



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