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The government will not touch the gas, nor the support provided so far

On this first day of Ramadan, the journalists immediately dictated the agenda of the press conference organized this Thursday at the end of the Government Council. The rise in prices and the intermediaries, or even the measures taken by the government to put an end to it, but which ultimately came to nothing when you see the prices on the markets.

But the other question which made the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, react during this press conference, concerns the forgotten press release at the end of the first quarterly meeting of the Central Bank for the year 2023. .

The journalist’s question rested on a point in this press release which announces ” the scheduled launch of the lifting of subsidies for products listed in the Compensation Fund in 2024 “and which implies” keeping inflation high “.

In response to this question, the government spokesperson indicated that Bank Al-Maghrib has indeed issued a statement in which it has taken several measures and decisions, noting that it is ” of an independent institution which has its reading of an economic and financial situation, on the basis of which it has taken measures, and the Constitution gives it the right to make itself“.

Regarding the Compensation Fund, Mustapha Baitas pointed out “that we must return to the law which was adopted in 2021 in parliament, under the former government, on social coverage which is clear. The law stipulates that among the sources which will make it possible to finance the site of the social coverage, these are certain points which appeared in the Fund of compensation“.

But the government official to ensure once again that the government will not touch the Compensation Fund“.

» We will not touch the gas, and we will not touch the support provided so far, because we know that the citizens need it. We are going to preserve it, to be able to support its basic necessities products ”he concluded on this point without going into detail, or answering the question on inflation.



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