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The government will crack down with an iron fist

During the press briefing held at the end of the Government Council, which met this Thursday, February 9, 2023, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, Spokesperson of the government, Mustapha Baitas, said about the high cost of living, that the main concern of the Executive was, the well-being of the citizen and the protection of his purchasing power.

It is a governmental obligation and this will no Lobbying, whatever it is can break it. This subject was covered from every angle during the Council of Government during which the Head of Government reiterated his instructions and directives. And the government spokesman to detail.

“As for red meats, prices should drop as soon as possible thanks to the two measures taken by the government, in particular the abolition of VAT and the cessation of the collection of customs duties on the import of cattle intended for slaughter”. This allowed, indicated Mustapha Baitas “Professionals to import enough animals for slaughter before the holy month of Ramadan”. Concerning the production of vegetables, the spokesman took as an example the tomato whose current production is in abundance compared to the past financial year, but whose prices are on the rise.

It links the fact to the climatic conditions and the cold wave that rages over the Kingdom and promises a return to normal as soon as incessant milder temperatures. He also praised the improvement in the situation of milk and its derivatives. But we will especially remember from the weekly press briefing of the government spokesman Mustapha Baitas, his point of view on this exasperation vis-à-vis this given situation, which is the soaring prices.

He also warned that “the Government was now going to crack down “with an iron fist” and to take all the necessary measures against all those who contribute to preserving it, and this, by strengthening the control of marketing and quality, and especially by tracking down and sanctioning any violation or unethical behavior, by all possible and imaginable means”. The allusion couldn’t be clearer. From farm to plate, everyone involved had better watch out.

In short, for Baitas, “the government will use all the mechanisms in its power to ensure normal and natural financing in order to guarantee the supply of the markets in sufficient quantity, reduce prices and preserve the purchasing power of the citizen“. It is inexorable according to the Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesperson, and is one of the priorities of the government which is working hard to achieve this. The Executive will take care of it with all its weight to reassure the national public opinion in this sense, he further indicated, mentioning the meetings which will be held in this regard, starting this evening.



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