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The government validates the creation of OCP Nutricrops

The government has validated the creation of “OCP Nutricrops”, a new company of the OCP Group which will have several subsidiaries. OCP Nutricrops will be specialized in the chemical industry.

OCP Nutricrops has a capital of 13.8 billion dirhams and will bring together several subsidiaries operating in the chemical industry.

Its main activity will be linked to the manufacture of phosphoric acid, mono-ammonium phosphate and chemical products of all kinds, in particular by transformation of phosphates, said decree n°2.22.407.

This company was created to accelerate the implementation of the growth strategy of the OCP group in the field of soil and plant fertilization solutions, and according to the group’s forecasts, the turnover should reach nearly 30, 6 billion dirhams in the next 3 years.

According to the decree published in the BO of July 4, several companies have contributed to the creation of this grouping project, in particular Jorf Fertilizers Company I, Jorf Fertilizers Company II, Jorf Fertilizers Company IV which belong totally to the OCP group.

While Jorf Fertilizers Company III and Jorf Fertilizers Company V, which also participated in the capital, are 50% and 60% owned by OCP.




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