The government majority says it is “homogeneous” and “committed” to continuing its action

The government majority says it is “homogeneous” and “committed” to continuing its action

The parties of the government majority reaffirmed their commitment to continue to work in harmony to ensure the optimal implementation of the various programs.

These statements were made at a press conference following an extended meeting, Thursday evening in Rabat, of the presidency of the government majority, chaired by Aziz Akhannouch, president of the National Rally of Independents, Abdellatif Ouahbi, general secretary of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) and Nizar Baraka, general secretary of the Istiqlal party.

Akhannouch: Moving forward despite a difficult context

This meeting was an opportunity to examine several topics, including government programs of interest to citizens, and to review the various issues of the current situation, Akhannouch said.

The situation of the agricultural sector was reviewed, he added, against the background of water scarcity and high prices for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, noting that the government had succeeded, thanks to its meetings and agreements with the various players in the sector, to ensure lower prices.

Regarding the problem of water shortage, the head of the RNI noted that the government is working to find a solution to this problem, whether in terms of water desalination or transport, stressing that the government is working also on the implementation of other projects that will emerge in the months to come.

He added that the meeting was also an opportunity to discuss government programs relating to the social state, particularly with regard to health, education and the Investment Charter, as well as the major achievements made. in recent months, stressing that the government, despite the current difficult context, is making progress in executing its program in an optimal manner.

According to Akhannouch, the parliamentary groups of the majority are coherent and support the government unconditionally, accompany the rhythm of its programs and are committed to informing the citizens of the great efforts made by the Executive.

Ouahbi: The government, “stronger than before”

For his part, Abdellatif Ouahbi stressed that the government majority is “harmonious and strong” and meets continuously within the framework of the consensus between its leaders, indicating that the problems posed are normal and are treated in unity and respect for the program. government and the Majority Charter.

The government, he said, is “stronger than before”, moving forward and fully fulfilling its responsibilities to meet the aspirations of King Mohammed VI and the citizens.

Baraka: Capable of overcoming crises

For his part, Nizar Baraka considered that the meeting was an opportunity to exchange between the different components of the government majority on the achievements and the reforms undertaken by the majority to respond to the problems raised at the national and international level.

This meeting, he added, is also an opportunity to reiterate respect for the commitments made to citizens despite the constraints, climatic hazards and shocks resulting from international crises, stressing that the government majority, strong and harmonious, is nourished by a strong will to overcome all these problems.

The government, notes Baraka, is working to cope with the current difficult economic situation and to make up for the delay recorded in a number of important reforms and projects, thanks to an approach that provides structured solutions, the aim being to serve citizens and improve their living conditions.

In this context, he recalled that the government has succeeded in implementing the first component relating to the generalization of medical coverage within the framework of the social protection project launched by the King, indicating that it will be carried out, before the end of the current year, the implementation of the other component aimed at providing direct support to needy families.

“We are all confident in our ability to overcome these crises, and in the citizens, invited to interact positively with the reforms undertaken in various areas”, he concluded.


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