The government is considering increasing the amount of aid to carriers

The government is studying the option of increasing aid granted to the transport sector following the recent increases in fuel prices. The executive does not rule out an increase in hydrocarbon prices in a situation marked by “uncertainty”.

Faced with soaring gasoline prices, which currently reach 18 dirhams per liter in several stations, the government plans to raise the threshold for direct aid granted to transporters, particularly small taxis.

According to the government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas, this option is possible and is even being studied, he said during a press conference after the Government Council.

“The government is currently studying additional room for maneuver to be implemented for the benefit of carriers to deal with the surge in fuel prices,” he said.

The total amount of this direct aid, the means chosen by the executive to offset the rises in energy prices, is estimated at nearly 1.4 billion dirhams. This aid was taken from the State budget.

The aid has benefited 180,000 vehicles across the Kingdom, said the government official. The objective stated by the executive was to prevent the prices of products, and taxi or coach journeys, from undergoing significant increases in purchasing power.

During the weekly press briefing, Mustapha Baitas also indicated that fuel prices could show further increases in the days to come.

“The reason for the rise in fuel prices is known, and it is linked to an international context marked by war, in which, day after day, there is growing uncertainty about the prices that these materials can reach,” said he declared.

As a reminder, the government did not respond favorably to requests aimed at reducing the prices of fuels which had been liberalized, despite several possibilities available to it. He believes that the state budget will not be able to cover these additional expenses.



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