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The Government intends to make the stimulation of investment a real lever for development

The Government intends to make the revitalization of investment a real lever for development and consolidation of the bases of economic recovery and job creation, indicates a press release from the department of the head of government.

The Government is thus working for a synergy of the levers and resources available or to be implemented to support investment at the territorial level and to work for the facilitation of the act of investing, in particular through better administrative, regulatory or financial support. , according to the press release made public following a government meeting dedicated to the issue of Investment held on Wednesday in Rabat, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch.

This meeting follows the Council of Ministers chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, on October 17 in Fez and whose work was mainly devoted to the examination of the General guidelines of the budget bill for the year 2022 and during which the need to consolidate the bases for the revival of the national economy was mentioned, recalls the same source. The objective of the meeting was to reflect on the means of stimulating investment and consolidating the bases of economic recovery, in line with the High Royal Guidelines and in the light of the common reference framework of the New Development Model as well as the government program in particular. in its section relating to employment. And this through a set of strong transversal measures capable of initiating vigorous, sustainable, inclusive and job-creating economic growth, according to the same source.

The Head of Government and the ministers present more particularly addressed the various subjects relating to the act of investing, in particular the means to encourage it and to support its actors via several levers; the Investment Charter; and the importance and role of Regional Investment Centers (IRCs).

They also discussed the measures to be used as part of the consecration of advanced regionalization and administrative deconcentration in the service of boosting investment.

Likewise, the operationalization of the Mohammed VI Investment Fund was examined. This Fund, for which an allocation of 15 billion dirhams had already been allocated under the previous finance law, will be strengthened under the 2022 draft finance law through fundraising. with external partners with the objective of strengthening its resources by an additional 30 billion DH, adds the press release.

Intervening in investment projects, using public-private partnership mechanisms and giving priority, in particular, to industrial sectors oriented towards export, agriculture, real estate, tourism, as well as projects investment in promising strategic projects for human development (education, health, water, digital technology, green economy, etc.), this Strategic Fund is an important lever for growth to which the government aims to give new impetus.




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