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The FRMF will appeal the decision of the CAF

This Monday, in a media interview, the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), Fouzi Lekjaa, regretted that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) did not muster his courage in both hands to condemn the excesses of the Algeria during the CHAN it organized. He indicated that “thea FRMF will appeal the decision of CAF”

It goes without saying that the African Nations Championship for local players (CHAN), which took place last January in Algeria, was marred by several unsportsmanlike adventures. Some have resulted in Morocco not being able to participate and in the first place the refusal to fly over Algerian territory by a RAM plane, official carrier of the national teams, despite the requests formulated and reformulated by the Kingdom to the interested parties and particularly to CAF.

We ignore the anti-Moroccan and pro-polisario political speech of Zwelivelile Mandela during the opening ceremony as well as the offensive, racist and hateful slogans against Morocco, chanted in unison by an audience reassembled by the Algerian authorities to do this and composed mainly of soldiers in civilian clothes.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) published last Saturday the decision of its disciplinary jury – chaired by Raymond Hack (South Africa) and comprising Youssouf Ali Djae (Comoros) and Badji Wantete (Congo) – relating to the Africa of Nations for Local Players (CHAN). The case on which it ruled, involves the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) and the FRMF which was submitted to it by the Organizing Committee of CHAN 2022, following the non-presentation of the Moroccan team. in Algeria.

Concluding that the team of local players from Morocco “was unable to travel and participate in CHAN due to circumstances totally beyond his control and as such no sanctions of any kind have been imposed on the Royal Moroccan Football Federation”. In addition, and as a result, the CAF disciplinary panel rejected the request “for damages from the Algerian Football Federation”.

On the question concerning the statement made by Zwelivelile Mandela during the opening ceremony of CHAN on January 13, 2023, which CAF had submitted to it for further investigation, the disciplinary panel considered “not to accept responsibility for the fact others to the Algerian Football Federation, and that strict liability provisions could not be foreseen and should not apply”. Yes!

A bit like wanting to spare the cabbage and the goat the disciplinary jury of the CAF in its two decisions intermingled the spikes omitting in passing to “rule” on the insults of hatred, racists made to an entire people by an Algerian public of an evening “crafted” and sewn by hand by the Algerian authorities. The Jury deliberately omitted to examine this third case, which was entirely within its jurisdiction.

It is therefore easy to understand the appeal of the National Football Authority. And so much the same, it would not lead to others existing and Morocco had moreover had recourse to them justly and, with success. CAF knows things.



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