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The FRMF sets up a commission of inquiry

In order to shed light on the affair of the tickets for the World Cup matches, distributed to Moroccan supporters, and the bad practices that marked this operation, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) decided to set up a commission responsible for conduct an investigation and make the necessary decisions.

The establishment of this commission was decided during the meeting, this Tuesday, December 27, of the Steering Committee of the Federation, in the presence of the president of the FRMF, Fouzi Lekjaa, who denounced the bad practices of certain individuals from the domestic football family.

Also, the said commission, composed of members representing the Independent Commissions of the FRMF, will have the task of shedding light on this subject and taking the necessary decisions against any person involved in these acts. which damage the image of the national football game.

The decisions resulting from this investigation will be revealed during the next meeting of the FRMF Steering Committee scheduled for January 16, specifies the FRMF.

In addition, Lakjaa returned, during this meeting, to the feat of the national eleven during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, expressing, on behalf of the members of the Steering Committee, his immense pride in having been received and decorated by King Mohammed VI. , along with members of the national team.

The President of the FRMF also thanked the members of the Moroccan delegation who was in Qatar for their sense of responsibility, their selflessness and their dedication to the Kingdom, as well as the fervent Moroccan supporters for their unconditional and permanent support expressed to the with regard to the national team



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