The French mostly unhappy with the results of Emmanuel Macron

The French mostly unhappy with the results of Emmanuel Macron

A survey by the Odoxa-Backbone Consulting institute revealed that thehe overwhelming majority of French people are not convinced by the government’s results, at the end of the hundred-day period announced by Emmanuel Macron in April.

In the spring, after the promulgation of the very controversial pension reform, the French president had given himself a hundred days of “appeasement, unity and action” to allow the country to return “to calm”.

At the end of this period, he was to take stock of three priority projects (work, justice and republican order, progress for a better life), but the allotted time has passed, and the discontent of the French remains intact.

According to the survey, which has just been published, nearly 80% of them believe that Emmanuel Macron did not manage to achieve his goal, noting that 48% even think that he “didn’t at all” carried out his project.

On the subject of the three major projects designed by the President of the Republic, that of justice and republican order, undermined in particular by the period of urban violence and riots following the death of young Nahel, killed by a policeman, the worst record: 81% of those polled believe that the government has made “fairly little” or “not at all” progress on this subject.

They are also 60% to blame him for his silence during this same period, reveals the survey, carried out on July 12 and 13, 2023 for the newspaper “Le Figaro”.

Also, the improvement of the health system (79%), the progress in National Education (80%) or the improvement of wages and working conditions (76%) meet with similar assessments.

In addition, 65% of French people want to see a change of Prime Minister. An increasing rate: They were 57% the previous year to hope for a reshuffle of the Executive.


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