The French Institute of Agadir celebrates its 20th anniversary, Hélène Le Gal visiting on June 23

For its 20th anniversary, the Institute is renewing and modernizing in depth in order to enrich its cultural offer and improve the reception conditions for its visitors. Visiting Agadir on Thursday, June 23, Hélène Le Gal, Ambassador of France to Morocco, will proceed to the inauguration of a metamorphosed site, after a year of architectural and landscape transformations led by the DNA architectural firm and landscapers Ossart + Maurieres.

To celebrate this anniversary, the French Institute of Agadir announces that the floor has also been given to 15 young people “gadiri” aged between 20 and 26, and therefore born at the same time as the Institute, during a play entitled ” YOUTH #6 », directed by Didier Ruiz, is to be discovered at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Agadir on Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25 at 7.30 p.m., and on Wednesday June 29 at 8.30 p.m. at the Royal Theater in Marrakech.

At a time when the city of Agadir is becoming more beautiful every day, driven by the ambitious royal development programme, the Institut français is also continuing its architectural and landscape transformation, guided by two prime contractors, the architects of Cabinet DNA and landscapers Ossart + Maurières.

After inaugurating its new youth media library in December 2021, the Institut français, concerned about comfort and conviviality for its visitors, announces that it now has a single entrance on rue de l’Entraide, with a new point of contact. centralized reception, and today guarantees access for all following the essential facilities for people with reduced mobility.

The site, vast of 2 hectares in the city center, was until then composed of 5 sports fields of the former Gauguin school. These 2 hectares have been transformed into a magnificent dry garden in response to its environmental concerns, specifies the IF of Agadir, noting that more than 20,000 plants and more than 150 different plant species have been planted to create a real botanical garden. and fit into a green diagonal of the city of Agadir. The buildings of the former Gauguin school, rehabilitated, now blend into an ocean of greenery, a favorable setting for all IFA learners.

A construction site-school led by Salima Naji with students from the National School of Architecture is also currently underway to provide the new terrace-café with a plant shade house built using traditional techniques, reports the French Institute of Architecture. ‘Agadir, which has now been transformed, and remains open to all without exception to take advantage of language courses, the media library, shows all year round, but also to live an experience of tranquility in the heart of the urban effervescence, to meet under the eucalyptus trees and study in the open air in the shade of the jacaranda trees.

The 20th anniversary of the IFA is also celebrated through the voice of young people who are between 20 and 26 years old today and who grew up at the same time as the Institute, specifies the same source.

For a month, they rehearse daily at the IFA, led in this extraordinary creation by the director Didier Ruiz, assisted by the choreographer Tomeo Vergès and the actress Ilham Mourad. Without pretense, without disguise, they will tell us what are their dreams, their aspirations, their desires, their fears. They will question their relationship to others, to the world, but also to themselves. “YOUTH #6” is a show-event, an invitation to enter into the intimacy of dazzling youth. The show will be created in the multipurpose hall of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services on June 24 and 25 at 7:30 p.m., and on June 29 at the Royal Theater of Marrakech “, says the institute.



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