The French Institute launches its Bibliotobiss, a traveling cultural and multimedia bus

This is a first in Morocco. To give a new dimension to culture in the Kingdom, the French Institute in Morocco launched the very first Bibliotobiss, a multicultural space which meets rural and peri-urban populations.

The Bibliotobiss was inaugurated on Monday, June 28, at the Casablanca Business School “ESA Casablanca”, by the French Ambassador to Morocco, Hélène Le Gal.

This mobile library project, carried by the French Institute of Morocco, was born out of a desire for exchange and intercultural dialogue.

It is a container made up of a library (more than 300 books in French and Arabic), a digital and multimedia space with its Datacup device, a micro-follies space and a digital museum. presenting large French and European museum collections, in addition to a cinema space and sports equipment which complete the system.

Operational all year round, it will stop for two to three weeks in each of the 12 regions of the Kingdom, facilitating education and cultural mediation for young audiences.

Photo Ayoub Jouadi

At the microphone of MoroccoLatestNews, Clélia Chevrier-Kolacko, director general of the French Institute in Morocco explains that the Bibliotobiss is “A new generation container bookmobile which has been transformed to expand from 30 to 60 m² and thus offer a maximum of elements that is the essence of the French Institute of Morocco whether it is books, music, virtual reality, cinema, outdoor cinema“.

“It is also access to a virtual museum and all of this will be able to travel the roads of Morocco and bring the French Institute where it is not currently present”, she adds.

In her capacity as Ambassador of France in Morocco, Hélène Le Gal welcomed this new mobile cultural space as she explained at the microphone of MoroccoLatestNews FR.

Photo Ayoub Jouadi

Photo Ayoub Jouadi

Photo Ayoub Jouadi

“Today we are inaugurating the Bibliotobiss, it is a container mounted on a truck and it is a place of culture which is both a media library and a large cinema screen. There is the possibility of visiting museums in a virtual way and this Bibliotobiss will travel throughout Morocco, in places far from cities, so that people who do not necessarily have the possibility of going to cinema or going to a media library, let all this come to them with also mediators for both children and adults“, She emphasizes.

The Gal wishes that “This Bibliotobiss walks a very long time on the roads of Morocco and meets many Moroccans who love culture”.

Photo Ayoub Jouadi



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