the French ambassador celebrates the Franco-Moroccan partnership

The Ambassador of France to Morocco, Hélène Le Gal, welcomed, on Thursday in Rabat, the excellent relations of Franco-Moroccan partnership, during a reception organized on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of July 14.

“France and Morocco are a lot of history, it is an exceptional, dense, innovative and multidimensional partnership, supported by His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, but also and especially a lot of projects“, underlined Hélène Le Gal, noting that Morocco offers “very promising” future prospects for a win-win partnership with France.

“Morocco is a natural ally of France and the European Union, so much complementarity is evident in terms of industrial value chain, energy, emigration or projection towards Africa, she said. raised.

The Ambassador also noted that the ambition of the “two brotherly countries” is to face crises and strengthen resilience, while welcoming the ancestral, strong and intense relations uniting the two countries.

For his part, the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, described the partnership between Rabat and Paris as “exceptional”.

The Moroccan-French relationship is a centuries-old relationship, built on a peaceful memory, a common history and a convergence of interests, through similar positions on many issues, he said.

For Mr. Benmoussa, “the Morocco-France partnership is qualified as an exception because it is characterized by the globality of the subjects of cooperation, bilateral, regional and multilateral, and addresses multiple themes; political, economic, security, cultural and social, and by the multiplicity and diversity of its channels, carried by the two Heads of State”.

The celebration of the French National Day ended in style with a music concert offered in particular by the Franco-Moroccan singer, Sonia Noor, accompanied by her musicians.

This grandiose reception took place in the presence of senior public officials, parliamentarians, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Morocco, the French community established in Morocco and representatives of civil society.



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