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The FNM and the Ministry of Justice join forces to create a National Museum of Justice in Tetouan

The Ministry of Justice and the National Museum Foundation signed, Wednesday, August 4, in Rabat, a partnership unlike any other, for the creation of the National Museum of Justice in Tetouan. A strong gesture to continue to ensure the development of culture in the Kingdom.

When justice and culture go hand in hand. As part of the promotion of the memory of national justice, the enhancement and preservation of the national heritage in this area, the Ministry of Justice and the National Museum Foundation are joining forces to create a National Museum of Justice in Tetouan, through an agreement signed between the two parties, by the care of Mohamed Ben Abelkader and Mehdi Qotbi.

“We have just signed a partnership and cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Justice and the National Museum Foundation. Today it is a question of creating a national museum of justice which will be housed by the building which was before the court of first instance of Tetouan, endowed with a marvelous and beautiful architecture, very distinguished ”Justice Minister Mohamed Ben Abdelkader told MoroccoLatestNews FR at the microphone.

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“In this agreement, we are committed to ensuring that we can manage together with all the expertise of the National Museum Foundation so that this museum can bring together all the articles of the Moroccan judicial system and all the cultural memory and institutional of our country. We hope that this museum can play the role of a cultural and social actor at the level of the city of Tetouan but also at the national level ”, considers the minister.

Mohamed Ben Abdelkader and Mehdi Qotbi, accompanied by the governor of the province of Tetouan, Younes Tazi, previously visited the former seat of the court of first instance, in order to focus on the state of the two judicial structures that housed the sections civil and correctional, and examine the possibility of rehabilitating them and providing them with the necessary equipment with the aim of converting them into two museums.

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Historical and cultural memory of Tetouan

The first building should house the National Museum of Justice as a national memory in this field, where furniture, clothing, equipment and working means of magistrates, lawyers, notaries, adouls, experts will be exhibited. and translators, as well as documents, manuscripts and documentaries related to the field of justice, said a statement from the Ministry of Justice.

The second structure would, for its part, be converted into a museum of the historical and cultural memory of Tetouan, in its various aspects in terms of historical documents.

“I am always very happy when there is the opportunity to build, inaugurate and bring culture to the fore. It is a great day to see that the museum palette of Morocco will be enriched by the National Museum of Justice ”, rejoiced, for his part, Mehdi Qotbi, who seems to have other projects with the Ministry of Justice.

“With the Ministry of Justice, we signed agreements on the Larache and Oujda museum. This is exactly what we are trying to do today, to equip each region with a museum and to put culture as a national priority. It is an essential element today for social and also economic development ”, he added.

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