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The first “Made in Morocco” military vehicle soon to be unveiled

The first 100% Moroccan military vehicle will soon be presented to the world during the next edition of the Industry Meeting Days, announced the manufacturer FAR Group AFRICA. An important step in the industrial development of Morocco.

FAR Group AFRICA will unveil the ‘African Lion’, the first military vehicle manufactured in Morocco, during the 5th edition of the Industry Meeting Days. The event is scheduled for April 28 and 29, 2023, at the Hilton Haouara hotel in Tangier, and will focus on the theme of “industrial investment, engine of economic growth and employment“, announced the manufacturer on social networks.

Represented by its CEO Youssef Mandour, “FAR Group” is considering the exclusive exhibition of the very first armored vehicle manufactured in Morocco bearing the name “African Lion”. Official product details have yet to be disclosed. Sources still indicate that it is a multi-mission truck, an MMV 4×4, intended for the armed forces.

Remember, “FAR Group” is an American consortium that recently launched a Moroccan subsidiary based in Tangier. It was created in 2018 by Youssef Mandour, an MRE graduate of the American Military University who cut his teeth in the US Army, before serving in several other strategic positions in the US military administration.

According to the CEO, defense is a multifaceted aspect of national security, which encompasses various facets such as military defence, border security and protection against terrorism and organized crime, noting that Africa has more than 50 countries. , each of which faces distinct security challenges.

He points out that while some African nations have made significant investments in their armed forces and participated in regional and international peacekeeping missions, others are struggling with external threats due to underfunding and the under-equipment of their armies. In fact, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Africa’s military spending in 2020 was just $41.2 billion, or just 2.5% of spending. world military.

FAR Group, considered one of the world’s leading providers of defense solutions, has a keen interest in Africa, particularly in the field of defence. To address the security challenges facing African nations, FAR Group has conceptualized FAR Group AFRICA, an initiative to support the security missions of African nations and provide reliable and innovative military solutions.

Moreover, it turns out that the FAR AFRICA Group aims to provide reliable and creative military solutions to African nations by emphasizing an in-depth understanding of the unique security challenges that each nation faces. This requires extensive research and close collaboration with local governments and stakeholders to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.



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