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The final preparations discussed between Sadiki and the Comader

The final preparations for the 15th International Agricultural Show in Morocco (SIAM) were the focus of a meeting, Wednesday in Rabat, between the Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki and the representatives of the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development (COMADER).

During this meeting, the two parties took stock of the progress of preparations as well as the last steps to be taken by national professionals before the launch of this Fair scheduled for May 2 to 7 in Meknes.

They also examined the means of development of national agricultural production and distribution taking into account the current situation.

In a press statement, Mr. Sadiki indicated that this meeting with COMADER and the interprofessional federations of the production sectors aims to prepare the participation of professionals in the sector.

The aim is also to discuss the program contracts that the State will draw up with professionals around the production sectors to give more visibility to the development of each sector in terms of increasing production at the national level, both in terms of yield only of the area exploited but also of the entire chain of production and development of agricultural production.

These program contracts, he said, will make it possible to contractualise the links in each chain, to set responsibilities and to mobilize all the actors around the development of the sectors to achieve the objectives set by the Green Generation launched in 2020. .

For his part, the president of COMADER, Rachid Benali specified that this meeting focused on three aspects, namely that of the agricultural situation today, in the presence of representatives of all the federations, as well as a second relating to the program contracts linking the 19 interprofessions with the government, and which will be signed during the SIAM.

It is also a question of examining and taking stock of the latest tweaks and modifications to adapt to the current situation marked by inflationary pressures.



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