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The faculty of medicine of Casablanca CinépsyMaroc congress

The 4th edition of the CinépsyMaroc congress will take place on May 27 and 28, 2022, at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Casablanca.

Open to the general public, the CinépsyMaroc congress, unique in Africa and in the Arab countries, highlights mental pathologies based on documentary films which, unlike cinematographic fiction, demonstrate the reality of the world of suffering patients; the aim being to de-stigmatize them in Moroccan society. The theme of this edition is depression.

Subject still taboo in Moroccan society, depression is not considered as a pathology in its own right, or even as a real obstacle to the well-being of the person and society.

However, the figures around depression are very significant of the great malaise of Moroccan society: One out of two Moroccans is depressed.

The global situation over the past two years, dictated by an unprecedented pandemic, has only made the situation worse, pushing the minds of millions of people to extremes. Result: each Moroccan family has had at least one of its members strongly affected by depression.

This theme has become obvious to try to (better) understand this disease and give it the place it deserves in any discussion around the mind in Morocco.

Discussions, exchanges, sharing views and experiences, the 4th edition of CinépsyMaroc aims to be a crossroads that brings together experts in the field, but also people affected directly or indirectly by the disease.

This is how families of patients, often omitted from the debates, will have the opportunity and the platform to express themselves because they are considered as integral parts of this often complex equation that is the care of the patient with depression. .

Exchanges between families, psychiatric professionals (psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, art therapists, nutritionists, nurses, etc.) will make it possible to highlight various subjects relating to depression, but also to lift the veil of misunderstandings and taboos. that surround it.

Talking about depression is one of the first and necessary approaches towards a better understanding of mental illness and more adequate and comprehensive care for the patient.

Morocco is evolving in an environment where mental illness does not yet benefit from a transparent and lightened social approach to the chains of taboo.

This 4th edition of CinépsyMaroc aims to be a platform that exposes different aspects of depression, while engaging in an open dialogue around this disease, for the well-being of the patient, the family and therefore society.




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