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The Executive is mobilizing to ensure the availability of livestock

The government is working to ensure an abundant supply of livestock for the national market for Eid Al-Adha and to put in place a series of measures that would help control prices so as not to harm Moroccans, said Wednesday in Rabat, the door- speech of the government, Mustapha Baitas.

King Mohammed VI gave his high instructions, during the last Ministerial Council held in Rabat, for the launch of a program for the benefit of the rural world, endowed with a budget of 10 billion dirhams, aimed at supporting farmers in terms of fodder and inputs, part of which is dedicated to the protection of animal and plant capital as well as the management of water scarcity, indicated Baitas during the press briefing following the meeting of the Council of Government.

And to add: “It must be admitted that one of the causes of confusion in the production of a set of materials is the significant decrease in the amount of water that has been distributed to farmers”.

These resources dedicated to the agricultural sector had reached more than 4 billion cubic meters in recent years to meet the needs of farmers, while the quantities did not exceed the milestone of 1.6 billion cubic meters last year. , said Baitas, pointing out the existence of a significant deficit estimated at 75%, which has affected the size of cultivated areas and production.

The Minister had previously affirmed that the national herd has been considerably impacted by the successive crises experienced by the country, in particular the Covid-19, the continuous drought and the unprecedented inflation, which called for an urgent intervention to guarantee the normal market supply and meet the needs of citizens, especially in the run-up to Eid Al-Adha.

Baitas had notably recalled that some 20 agreements were concluded in Meknes within the framework of the meetings that the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, held with representatives and actors of the sector concerning the issue of agricultural prices and production chains. .

The government, according to the spokesperson, was strongly mobilized for the smooth running of this celebration in order to ensure “Abundant supply and prices at a reasonable level” in the various points of sale of the Kingdom.



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