The European Union can no longer hide in the sand

The European Union can no longer hide in the sand

The recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara by Israel is a new stone added to the edifice of international support that Morocco enjoys for the defense of its primary national cause. The European Union (EU) is called upon to position itself just as strongly and courageously to close this file.

The international community continues to support the Kingdom in the preservation of its territory from the annexation plans of the Algerian regime and seeks to definitively end this conflict that has been escalated by Algiers.

By supporting the territorial integrity of Morocco, the States preserve world peace and the stability of North Africa from the expansionist aims of a brainless regime, guided by hatred of Morocco and its privileged status, trust and respect. which he enjoys.

After the American recognition, the support provided by the Arab, African and Latin American countries, about fifteen European countries supported the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to resolve this file which poisons the relations of several countries in the region. .

At present, no one can ignore the dynamics on the move for the Moroccan Sahara and the missing countries will have to come to terms with this reality sooner or later, but in this specific case, it is better sooner than later because Morocco recognizes its allies. and remembers those who play a double game, and those who want to continue to hold it high.

Europeans, across the EU, find themselves in a situation that they can no longer ignore. The policy of the ostrich is no longer allowed when the heavyweights of the 27 (including the former colonial power in the Sahara) have shown their willingness to support Morocco in the final resolution of this masquerade which has lasted too long.

The European Union is lagging worryingly behind the international community in the Sahara issue. Instead of pulling out of the game and positioning itself as an actor for peace and the resolution of this artificial conflict by stopping the furious madness of Algeria, the EU by its silence, lacks audacity and places itself on the side of the aggressor.

However, this complicit silence and this rigidity will no longer be possible for long. The rapid evolution of issues, alliances and geopolitics will force Europe to position itself, but what weight will Europe have on the world stage at this time?

Morocco is watching its alliances and the behavior of its friends carefully and further recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara is expected soon, pushing the Europeans to even more isolation on this issue.

France in particular is observed with attention and its rigidity on this subject of the greatest importance for the Kingdom begins to crumble the unparalleled relationship that existed between the two countries.

France, which sees its relations deteriorating day after day with its Moroccan ally, can no longer hide in the sand. She has to take a stand.” said French MP and spokesman for the Democratic Movement (MoDem), Bruno Fuchs.

In this sense, he welcomed the decision ” very strong “ of Israel to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, considering that France “can no longer play the ostrich”.

For his part, the President of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti also reacted to the Israeli recognition by welcoming this new advance for the national cause number 1 of Morocco.

Convinced of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, the leader of the right affirmed on his social networks that “Morocco’s sovereignty is indisputable” And “now calls on France to resolve this strategic issue”. Eric Ciotti had also affirmed, during a visit to Morocco last May, that he was committed to recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara if he were elected President of the Republic.


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