The Euromed University of Fez welcomes young people from the 9th United Nations World Forum on the Alliance of Civilizations

The Euromed University of Fez (UEMF) hosted the youth event of the 9th World Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) held in Fez this week.

The World Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is being held for the first time on the African continent. Due to the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, concerning peace in the world, the promotion of intercultural and intercultural dialogue, living together and inclusion, this Forum is held in Morocco and particularly in the spiritual and ancestral city of Fez, home to the oldest university in the world, still in operation, Al Qarawiyine University, which was the rear base of the golden age of Muslim civilization in Andalusia by providing and sharing science and knowledge with the peninsula Iberian and by extension with Europe and the world.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs, intellectuals, religious and also high representatives of different countries from the five continents participate in this global event to make heard the voice of tolerance, living together, unity and a single indivisible humanity, at a time when ideas and ideologies of identity withdrawal, radicalization, extremism, terrorism, but also xenophobia, hatred and rejection of others are unfortunately proliferating.

By decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad and in consultation with the UN, the “youth” component of the Forum takes place at the Euromed University of Fez, whose creation emanates from His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

The UEMF’s primary mission is to promote intercultural dialogue, exchange and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean with a natural extension to sub-Saharan Africa where 43 nationalities currently rub shoulders among its students and teachers. researchers.

The ”Youth” component of the forum began this morning November 21 at the UEMF with words of welcome from Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos, the United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain and Mr. Mostapha Bousmina, President of the UEMF.

Mr. Bousmina insisted on the important and salutary role of His Majesty the King, advocate and fervent defender of pluralism, respect for cultures and religions, and true unifier of peoples by favoring the spirit of harmony rather than that of discord, consensus than dissensus, the logic of addition rather than subtraction.

The cardinal values ​​of Morocco in terms of tolerance, living together and otherness, he said, are illustrated by the facts by giving examples such as royal concern for the preservation and enhancement of Moroccan Jewish heritage, Morocco’s migration policy and the inclusion of sub-Saharan migrants, the scholarship policy for sub-Saharan students, the training of imams to preach the values ​​of peace, moderation and the middle way to prevent against ideologies fanaticism, radicalization and terrorism.

The young people present were amazed and delighted to hear Mr. Bousmina read the preamble to Morocco’s 2011 constitution, which explains the diversity of Moroccan identity and the values ​​of tolerance and inclusion that characterize the Morocco and the Moroccans.

After the opening words, the 300 young participants representing 98 nationalities split into several groups to exchange and debate within the Eco-Campus of the UEMF on themes related to interreligious dialogue, the fight against discrimination and intolerance based on religion through all channels, including social media.

Also, other themes related to the promotion of peace through sport, the role of education and women for a fairer, more peaceful and more inclusive society and the change of the narrative concerning migration were mentioned. These exchanges and debates will continue until November 23rd.

At the end of these three days of exchange and cross-pollination of opinions, the young people will make recommendations to the United Nations for a more tolerant, fairer and more inclusive world.


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