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the ESEC recommends an operational public policy enshrined in a framework law

The President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), Ahmed Réda Chami, called on Wednesday in Rabat for the transformation of any national sports strategy into an operational public policy enshrined in a framework law.

“It is important to establish an appropriate organizational framework based on an overhaul of the law relating to physical education and sports, by identifying all the factors that are currently blocking the implementation of this project”underlined Ahmed Réda Chami during a feedback workshop dedicated to the presentation of the Council’s opinion entitled “The sports economy: a source of growth and jobs to be developed”.

The practice of a sports activity is an unequaled means for social inclusion, he said, explaining that to make the economy of sport in Morocco a lever for development, we must first remedy the low number of practitioners which does not exceed one million for those registered in clubs.

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A reality that refers to the importance of the other determinants of this economy, raised the Chairman of the Board, citing, in this regard, the weight of sport in the school and university system, the level of performance of sports elites, the availability of sports infrastructure and supervision, the organization of working time and education and training.

According to him, the absence of a detailed analysis of the volume of activities and the objectives of the practice of sport in Morocco does not, however, allow us to identify the types of profiles of practitioners in Morocco.

Consequently, argued Ahmed Réda Chami, it remains quite difficult to categorize the practicing Moroccan population as competitors in search of performance in a competitive context, as amateurs, with a practice oriented towards leisure but which can be intensive or occasional, who practice irregularly and rarely, believing that the availability of such information would make it possible to guide and target the populations each concerned by appropriate public policies.

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The President of the ESEC also emphasized the low participation of Moroccan women in sports activities, as well as a very limited presence in the sports field, as practitioners or in other professions. sport, noting that many events have been set up in recent years by the supervisory ministry to raise women’s awareness of sporting practices, but also to attract their interest in attending and participating in this type of event.

Developed within the framework of an internal referral, the ESEC’s opinion on the sports economy aims to propose avenues for transformation capable of increasing the contribution of the sports sector to the creation of wealth and employment and to make it an economic and social driving force for the Kingdom.




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