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The EP shows its bias again and welcomes Sultana Khaya | MoroccoLatestNews French

The terrorist Sultana Khaya was invited on February 7 for a seminar at the European Parliament (EP). Presented as an activist, the member of the Polisario, was called to speak about alleged human rights violations in the Moroccan Sahara. The anti-Moroccan campaign in Europe, held by strings pulled from Algiers, is entering a new stage.

Sultana Khaya was invited by the + Algerian InterGroup on Western Sahara + (anti-Moroccan) to the European Parliament to deliver her plea in favor of the militia she represents by listing alleged attacks she allegedly suffered.

The woman, presented as a “peaceful activist” or a “human rights activist” is in reality an agent in the pay of Algeria, a Kalashnikov terrorist who struts about in AK47s and military fatigues, who does not nothing peaceful.

A violent woman, like many separatist women, trained as athletes and having suffered significant weight gain to physically attack civilians, disturb public order, destroy public property and call for armed struggle and recourse to violence in southern Morocco.

The images of separatist demonstrators hoisting a Polisario flag in southern Morocco and violently attacking Moroccan citizens, including members of the police, have already shown the atypical physical strength of these women exploited by Algeria and the Polisario.

Sultana Khaya is also known for her verified lies and unverified accusations, repeatedly exposed and demolished by the Kingdom’s Permanent Ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale.

This Moroccan woman who depicts a supposed “terrible” situation of human rights in the Sahara, is nevertheless a resident like any other in the southern provinces of Morocco who enjoys all her rights. She travels using a Moroccan passport to feed the separatist thesis against Morocco in the four corners of the world and the Moroccan authorities know it and yet have not worried her.

She says she is banned from leaving the territory but she circulates freely all over the world. She was recently in Algeria in the Tindouf camps for the “re-election” of Brahim Ghali as leader of the separatist group.

Sources within the polisario even announced that Brahim Ghali dissolved the leadership of the movement and appointed Sultana Khaya among 7 members of a council which is currently the highest authority of the polisario.

It is this woman whom the European Parliament welcomes and encourages, becoming complicit in her calls for armed struggle and terrorism which threaten the stability of Morocco and the entire region.

Those who had doubted the existence of an anti-Moroccan campaign in the European institutions will change their minds after this new provocation signed by Algiers, using European deputies acting on behalf of Algeria within the InterGroupe to to attack Morocco.

After the vote on the resolution on Moroccan journalists at the level of the European Parliament, the outbreak of the Pegasus spy case which exclusively targets Morocco while several European countries use the same software, and Marocgate which implies that the Morocco would have corrupted European elected officials, here is the new act of staging against the Kingdom whose authors are well identified.

This political and institutional war launched to tarnish the image of Morocco is a Machiavellian plan divided into stages. Each, must contribute to achieving the objective of undermining the relationship of excellence built with Europe for several years to arrive at the Holy Grail: The suspension -hoped for- of the agreements between the EU and Morocco which include the Sahara. It goes without saying that the suspension of these agreements would only benefit one party, Algeria.

By dint of tolerating everything from Algeria and systematically hitting Morocco, the EU and Macron are strengthening the regime in place in Algiers and despairing all those who, with the Hirak, were asking for real change. Tebboune arriving soon in Paris… we will roll out the red carpet”summarized the French deputy, Thierry Mariani on Twitter.

By dint of tolerating everything#Algeria and systematically hit the #Moroccothe EU and Macron strengthen the regime in place in Algiers and despair all those who, with the #hirakdemanded a real change!#Tebboune arriving soon in Paris… we will roll out the red carpet

— Thierry MARIANI (@ThierryMARIANI) January 23, 2023



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