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The emergence of a cultural industry requires a modern and adapted infrastructure

The emergence of a viable cultural industry necessarily involves the establishment of a modern and adapted infrastructure, capable of meeting the requirements of creators and artists from all walks of life, underlined the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

Speaking at the inauguration of a multidisciplinary model room for cinema, theater and music at the Mohamed Hajji cultural center in Sala Al Jadida, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid focused on the rehabilitation and equipment of the cultural centers established across the Kingdom, and promote these spaces for art and culture.

The inauguration of this model room, included in the program for the creation of “150 cinemas”, will serve as a model to identify the strengths and weaknesses in this area, with a view to reaching 200 dark rooms at the national level. , he said.

For the Minister, the challenge is to maintain the continuity of theatrical programming with national productions, and to meet the demands of artists of all generations, in order to put their artistic works in the spotlight.

In addition, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid estimated that the fields of cinema, theater and music require direct and indirect support from producers, enough to motivate many actors, particularly in the private sector, to invest in this area.

The cultural field is “profitable” and can create new professions, emphasizing that Morocco must get involved in the international dynamic which has made culture one of the important tributaries for economic recovery.

The cultural director Mohamed Hajji in Salé Al Jadida, Mustapha Naji, said that the inauguration of this model room is part of the cultural activities carried out by the center for the benefit of all categories of society, emphasizing that this room is an added value for cultural action in the city.

The center, he continues, intends to seal partnerships with actors from all walks of life to ensure the continuity of programming in this room, noting that the program offers a range of shows including cinema, music, theater, seminars and as well as conferences.

During this ceremony marked by the presence of the governor of the prefecture of Salé Omar Touimi, the audience was treated to the screening of the film “Fatema, The Unforgettable Sultane”, a feature film by Abderrahman Tazi, which retraces the life of late Fatima Mernissi,




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