The dynamics of Morocco-Israel relations, a window of opportunity for a just settlement of the Palestinian question

The dynamics of Morocco-Israel relations, a window of opportunity for a just settlement of the Palestinian question

The Royal Message addressed by King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, welcomes a fair and far-sighted decision by the State of Israel through the recognition of the sovereignty of the Kingdom over its Sahara, which is in line with the provisions of the Tripartite Declaration signed on December 22, 2020 between the Kingdom of Morocco, the United States of America and the State of Israel.

At the heart of this agreement between the three countries, which is characterized by its comprehensiveness, was the multilateral benefit to the establishment of “full, peaceful and friendly diplomatic relations” between the Kingdom and Israel, which should contribute to advancing the cause of peace in the region, strengthening regional security, and opening up new opportunities for the entire region.

The Sovereign’s message to Netanyahu emphasizes that these prospects for peace fall within the framework of the principles that should guide the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Tripartite Declaration of December 2020 reiterated, in this context, the consistent, constant and unchanged position of the Kingdom of Morocco on the Palestinian question, as well as the position repeatedly expressed by the Sovereign, in His capacity as Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, on the importance of preserving the special status of the sacred city of Jerusalem for the three monotheistic religions.

Always at the service of the sacred cause of peace, His Majesty the King extended an invitation to the Israeli Prime Minister to pay a visit to the Kingdom, thus confirming the historic and active role that Morocco, under the leadership of its Sovereign, has never ceased to play to bring the peoples of the region closer together and to promote peace and stability in the Middle East.

This visit is therefore likely to constitute an opportunity to open up new prospects for peace for all the peoples of the region and for a revival of the peace process, which is experiencing a perilous blockage which could have harmful repercussions for the whole region.

Morocco has always considered, in this sense, that it is essential to get out of the logic of populism and one-upmanship which only maintain the conflict and hold the peoples of the region hostage, in particular the Palestinian people. He will always advocate moderation and a constructive attitude that promote consensus and dialogue, the only possible ways to overcome the current situation.

This constant commitment of the Kingdom to promote the rapprochement of peoples and the promotion of peace and stability is therefore confirmed with this Message from the Sovereign, which takes relations between the Kingdom and Israel to a new level, and draws the outlines of a lasting regional peace.


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