The drama of Melilla and the villainous hand of the senile regime of Algiers

After the tragic attack on Melilla, which fatally affected more than twenty sub-Saharan migrants when, last Friday, around 2,000 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa (mostly Sudanese from Darfur) tried to enter the enclave . Morocco, through a note from its embassy in Madrid, deplored the drama, as well as its organized nature which took all the actors supposed to ensure border management on both sides by surprise.

The Moroccan embassy in Spain assured in a press release to the Spanish media, including “El Periódico de España”, that the migrants were armed, extremely violent, had an assault strategy and had “a hierarchical structure of seasoned and trained leaders with profiles of experienced militiamen in conflict zones “.

Prensa Ibérica, newspaper of the same group “El Periódico de España”, goes even further and believes to know ” IThe attackers infiltrated through the border with Algeria, taking advantage of the country’s deliberate laxity in controlling its borders with Morocco. On the day of the events, they headed not for the classic fence that separates the country from the city of Melilla, but for the so-called Chinatown border post (of Barrio Chino). This shop has four narrow corridors, and the massive influx of assailants caused a fatal stampede ” .

The official version in Spain is that, during a wave of some 2,000 migrants towards the border fence, nearly 500 of these people tried to enter the presidency by trying to pass through a door that one of the migrants had managed. to open, and then there was a stampede caused by the rush of migrants rushing in and the funnel effect did the rest causing the death of about twenty of them by suffocation or crushing when the ranks behind pushed those in front and also when a group that climbed to the roof of the control center fell on those below, the article says.

Following this dramatic event, Morocco further reinforced its military presence on the borders with Algeria. Significant military reinforcements have been sent to the borders to lend a hand to the troops already on the spot who are part of the command of the new FAR Zone in the Oriental region for better monitoring of the borders and to support the other forces deployed in region, including elements of the Auxiliary Forces.

The objective is quite simply to counter the massive arrivals of illegal immigrants from Algerian soil. The first investigations effectively indicate that in the East of Eden, it was deliberately decided to open the floodgates of the migratory flow towards the Kingdom as an act of reprisal against Spain but also against Morocco.

Unfortunately for the senile members of the Algiers regime, the clandestine migrants of last Friday came from East Africa and did not come from the South of the Continent. By opening breaches to the Sudanese of Darfur, who passed through Algerian soil with the good will and the protective eye of the junta next door, it means that Algeria wants to put the region on fire and bloodshed.

The investigations called for by the international community and which are also requested by Spain and Morocco, will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that behind this lucrative human trafficking, there are hidden Algerian networks which act with the complicit silence of the country’s authorities.



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