The draft decree on housing support is in the hands of the SGG

The draft decree on housing support is in the hands of the SGG

The draft decree on housing support is currently submitted to the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG) for consultation and approval, said Fatima-Zahra Mansouri, Minister of National Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and city ​​policy.

This was announced during the session of oral questions raised to the minister in the second chamber on Tuesday. During this session, Mansouri underlined in his answers, that the social housing program, launched by King Mohammed VI in 2010, has enabled the construction of 600,000 residential units. Thus, the housing deficit has been reduced, thus providing decent housing to more than 600,000 families.

In response to questions from parliamentarians, the Minister of Housing explained that this program ended in 2020, but the works are still in progress until 2026, which will allow the production of 100,000 additional housing units.

However, Mansouri points out that demand persists with 2 million housing units, split 87% in urban areas and 13% in rural areas.

The continued demand for social housing prompted the ministry to set up a new program based on direct support for the middle social classes. This program is the subject of the new decree currently being examined by the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG).

According to the government official, this program will improve purchasing power and benefit from various programs that meet the needs of different groups, stimulate the real estate market and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in housing. ‘real estate.

Fouzi Lekjaa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform, in charge of the Budget, announced a few days ago that the decree relating to direct support for the acquisition of housing is in the final stages of preparation and will be implemented in the coming weeks.

The minister in charge of the budget thus underlined, in response to questions from parliamentary deputies, that the Minister of Housing has worked with various actors on the measures necessary to implement this decree, which will modify the approach previously adopted in terms of housing support.


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