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The donation of fertilizers to farmers “can only relieve them”

The donation of 2,000 tons of fertilizers, given by King Mohammed VI to Gabonese farmers, “can only relieve them”, underlined, Wednesday in Libreville, the Minister Delegate to the Gabonese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yolande Nyonda.

“This important donation, which once again materializes the excellent relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Gabonese Republic, can only relieve Gabonese small farmers and we are grateful,” Nyonda said in a statement to the press. following the delivery of this donation.

In this wake, Nyonda said that Gabon is engaged in a program of self-sufficiency and reduction of food imports.

This solidarity action is part of the Kingdom of Morocco’s concern for Gabonese farmers, particularly in the current context, marked by the world food crisis and the difficulties in the supply of fertilizers.

In accordance with the Very High Royal Instructions, following this operation, a structural action will be undertaken with the objective of allowing farmers in this brotherly country access to quality fertilizers, affordable and specifically adapted to the needs of soils and crops. of the region.



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