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The DGSSI launches a survey on the national ecosystem

The Directorate General for Information Systems Security (DGSSI), attached to the Department of National Defense, has launched an investigation to identify all the players operating in the cybersecurity ecosystem in national level but also with the aim of obtaining an overall view of the national system in this area.

This survey is part of the implementation of its action plan for the year 2022. The DGSSI has drawn up a questionnaire divided into five sections, which it has published on its official website, addressed to all relevant companies that operate in the field of cybersecurity at the national level. They must complete the said questionnaire and send it to the address [email protected]before December 21, 2022.

Companies are required to provide data on the name of the manager of the company, its legal form, the percentage of Moroccan and foreign capital it holds and the number of transactions carried out over the last three years. The questionnaire includes questions regarding the area of ​​specialization, such as risk management, data protection, compatibility and secure data exchange, website protection, consulting, studies, cybersecurity programs, encryption and incubation of data.

The forms submitted during this survey will not be disclosed. The data collected will be consolidated and used by the DGSSI and will be used for the sole purpose of the investigation. “says the DGSSI. The latter organized on November 2, with the support of experts from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a simulation exercise (TableTop), for the development and implementation of a new strategy. This meeting brought together 36 participants (6 teams) from administrations, public bodies, infrastructures of vital importance and other bodies concerned.

This simulation exercise allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the process of developing an NCS based on the analysis of a particular national context, the use of available resources and the adaptation to unforeseen events.

Morocco’s effort to develop a national cybersecurity strategy comes to face the growing challenges posed by the digital space with the high demand for the Internet and modern means of communication. This requires strengthening the immunity of national information systems against the risks they face and preserving an integrated and efficient national system.

In 2020, Morocco adopted Law No. 05.20 on cybersecurity, which includes the Strategic Committee for Cybersecurity, which is responsible for defining strategic orientations in this area and protecting sovereign digital data, as well as the availability and continuity of information systems, state institutions and vital infrastructure.

In accordance with the law, a national crisis and serious cyber incident management committee has been set up, responsible for ensuring coordinated intervention in the area of ​​crisis prevention and management following the occurrence of cyber security.

The DGSSI assists and advises administrations and public bodies as well as the private sector for the implementation of the security of their information systems and works on the development of devices necessary for the implementation of secure systems for the benefit of administrations and public bodies.



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