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The DGSN explains in relation to the departure of 160 police officers

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) categorically denied the allegations published on social networks, reporting the departure from the national territory of 160 police officers because of alleged “poor working conditions”.

A press release from the DGSN indicates in this respect that “contrary to the erroneous figures, the number of cases subject to the procedure for job abandonment and dismissal for exceeding annual leave outside the national territory and unjustified abandonment of position, has reached during 2022 and during the first half of this year 38 civil servants”.

Four other police officers have not received any administrative sanction due to the presentation of medical and hospitalization records justifying the extension of their stays outside the national territory, further specifies the DGSN.

It also points out that the administrative inquiries carried out by the inspection and human resources management services concluded that all of the above-mentioned cases had “unjustifiably abandoned their posts for personal or family reasons, and not for professional reasons or working conditions”.

With the aim of ensuring exemplary management of its human resources, the DGSN recalls having published a memorandum for the supervision and regulation of departure on annual leave outside the national territory, with the aim of guaranteeing the right of civil servants to annual leave and the continuity of public service.



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