The DGI is preparing to tax influencers

The DGI is preparing to tax influencers

It’s confirmed ! Moroccan vloggers, influencers and podcasters will soon be subject to income tax. Long exempted from this measure, which affects all Moroccans generating an income, the “ influencers will now be required to declare their income and contribute to the development of our country like all taxpayers.

During an interview with MoroccoLatestNews On this subject, a government official revealed some information regarding the tax that will be imposed on content creators on social media platforms, including YouTube.

This same official acknowledged that the laws stipulated in the General Tax Code did not cover all activities subject to tax by the legislator.

Regarding how to verify the persons affected by this tax, the official indicated that the General Directorate of Taxation has identified the category concerned by examining the nature of their activities with the help of several partners, including companies of communication.

It is possible to identify the persons concerned thanks to the information available to the Directorate General of Taxes, as well as to the investigations carried out by several partners and to the data available.” , he added.

Our source also clarified that the Directorate will invite people carrying out online activities to file their tax return, and in the event of non-compliance with this obligation, they will receive a second notice informing them that if they do not file their tax return, the administration will impose an amount of tax on them determined according to the data available to it.

He pointed out that this category, like other taxpayers, is subject to tax when it generates recurring income, regardless of the type of activity carried out, depending on its ability to contribute.

In order to carry out its mission in the best possible way, the government official added that the administration seeks to put in place a follow-up approach in the treatment of taxpayers, taking into account their individual and business characteristics, in order to answer most of their questions and automatically facilitate the process of identifying them with the tax services, with the aim of building trust with citizens.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion in the media regarding the General Directorate of Taxation’s appeal to influencers and content creators on YouTube and other bloggers who derive significant income from their activities on social networks, encouraging them to regularize their tax situation.

The government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, had also announced the government’s intention to put in place tax measures concerning YouTube channels, stressing that the details of this process and the persons affected by this tax measure will be disclosed in days to come, adding that ” any activity generating income must be subject to the tax contribution“.


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